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Live in the Tampa Bay area?    

In-home services are scheduled in 3-hour sessions at $75/hr. 

1 half day session (3 hrs) is usually needed to organize a closet, desk, or entryway. $225

2 sessions (6 hrs) are usually needed to organize 1 room. $450

You can also purchase all-inclusive packages of sessions that save you money . 

PACKAGE 1:  4 sessions (12 hrs) $825 (1 hour free - save $75) Organize 2 rooms.

PACKAGE 2:  6 sessions (18 hrs) $1200 (2 hrs free - save $150) Organize 3 rooms or 2 rooms + 1 follow up call a month for 6 months to keep you on track.

PACKAGE 3:  8 sessions (24 hrs) $1575 (half day session/3 hrs free - save $225) Organize 4 rooms or 3 rooms + 1 follow up call a month for 6 months to keep you on track.

PACKAGE 4: 12 sessions (36 hrs) $2250 (full day/6 hrs free - save $450) Organize  or downsize your whole house!

* All packages include: 

  • Initial in-home 60 minute consultation
  • Unlimited communication with me by phone or email until completion of project
  • Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies
  • Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions
  • Arranging appointments with other service providers
  • Arranging and drop off of items through consignment
  • Drop off of your donations or trash items after your session
  • Follow up phone call 1 month after final session
  • A written maintenance plan to maintain the organized space



Want to work with us but don't live in the Tampa Bay area?

Virtual Organizing Session:  $150

Designed for those who are not in our service area but still need the personalized guidance of working with a professional organizer who will help you see your specific organizing project through to the end. We will have a 30-60 minute virtual consultation via Skype or Facetime, so I can see your space. If we decide to work together, online payment of $150 will be required at end of consultation. Within 3 days of your payment, I will provide you with a customized step-by-step action plan, along with product recommendations, related do-it-yourself projects, visual inspiration, and additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions. Recommendations of service providers, donation centers and trash removal in your location if desired, and email follow-up 1 month after project is complete is also included.

Looking for a guest speaker?

Organizing Programs: $100 per 1-hour program

Looking for a guest speaker for your group or organization? I offer 2 different programs that are each 1 hour long.  They both include hands on demonstrations, slideshow and display of organizing materials. 

Program 1: 10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Life

​Program 2:  Declutter and Organize Your Closets On a Budget

​May I pay with a credit card?

Yes, as well as check or cash (for local services).