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In-home services are scheduled in 3-hour sessions at $75/hr. 

1 half day session (3 hrs) is usually needed to organize a closet, desk, or entryway. $225

2 sessions (6 hrs) are usually needed to organize 1 room. $450

You can also purchase all-inclusive packages of sessions that save you money . 

PACKAGE 1:  4 sessions (12 hrs) $825 (1 hour free - save $75) Organize 2 rooms.

PACKAGE 2:  6 sessions (18 hrs) $1200 (2 hrs free - save $150) Organize 3 rooms or 2 rooms + 1 follow up call a month for 6 months to keep you on track.

PACKAGE 3:  8 sessions (24 hrs) $1575 (half day session/3 hrs free - save $225) Organize 4 rooms or 3 rooms + 1 follow up call a month for 6 months to keep you on track.

PACKAGE 4: 12 sessions (36 hrs) $2250 (full day/6 hrs free - save $450) Organize  or downsize your whole house!

* All packages include: 

  • Initial in-home 60 minute consultation
  • Unlimited communication with me by phone or email until completion of project
  • Any additional time spent shopping for needed supplies
  • Additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions
  • Arranging appointments with other service providers
  • Arranging and drop off of items through consignment
  • Drop off of your donations or trash items after your session
  • Follow up phone call 1 month after final session
  • A written maintenance plan to maintain the organized space


Want to work with us but don't live in the Tampa Bay area?

Virtual Organizing Sessions: 2-hour session $120

Designed for those who are not in our service area but still need the personalized guidance of working with a professional organizer who will help you see the project through to the end. I will conduct a thorough virtual consultation via Skype or Facetime, so I can see your space. We will meet virtually in 2-hour sessions as I coach you live while you work hands-on through your project. Within 48 hours of your payment for a package of sessions, I will provide you with a customized step-by-step action plan, along with product recommendations, personalized checklists, visual inspiration, and additional time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions. All communication with you by phone or email, recommendations of service providers, donation centers and trash removal in your location if desired, and email follow-up 1 month after project is complete is also included in your package.

3 sessions (6 hrs.):  $300 (1 hour free - save $60)

6 sessions (12 hrs.):  $600 (2 hours free - save $120)

12 sessions (24 hrs.):  $1260 (3 hours free - save $180)

Are you a Do-it-yourselfer and just need some guidance from a pro?

Customized DIY Plan: $400 for the entire home or $75 per room
Many potential clients prefer to work on their own, but simply need a professional organizer to help them get started on a decluttering or home organizing project. I will conduct a thorough in-home or virtual consultation and provide you with a customized step-by-step action plan, along with product recommendations, personalized checklists, visual inspiration boards, and related do-it-yourself projects that will be delivered within 3 business days of payment, along with 1 complimentary follow up email 1 month later so you can complete the project on your own at your own pace. 

Looking for a guest speaker?

Organizing Programs: $100 per 1-hour program

Looking for a guest speaker for your group or organization? I offer 2 different programs that are each 1 hour long.  They both include hands on demonstrations, slideshow and display of organizing materials. 

Program 1: 10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Life

​Program 2:  Declutter and Organize Your Closets On a Budget

​May I pay with a credit card?

Yes, as well as check or cash.